We popped along to the Zero Waste Workshops and Market Day at Riverhead Citizens Hall on Sunday ,and had a chance to talk to the organiser and some stallholders.

Well done to the Riverhead Citizens Hall for holding the event! I know the amount of work involved in putting together an event like this and it certainly seemed to be paying off while we were there!

Auckland Council will have a lot more people asking for information about recycling and waste reduction so you need to put together a pack of useful information, preferably info that doesn’t contradict itself.

United Sustainable Sisters were there with advice and ideas – what you are doing is invaluable, and your experience in dealing with mums and their teenage daughters showed.

The hall is pretty – it’s a little older and not too big, so you did well to create the event that you did. The drive out there is always a lovely one, too!

We all need to support these events – no matter how big or small. They are asking the local Council for information on our behalf and the more these questions are asked, the more likely we will eventually get a useful answer.