There are always ideas being shared which are very helpful to those of us who are on the Zero Waste path. Where possible, we will link to them here, or create new videos or posts to share that information. Here’s some to begin with
  • Folding newspaper into bags for rubbish
  • Clean and crush egg shells, combine with used coffee grounds to sprinkle around seedlings in the garden to protect them from slugs and snails
  • Reuse a plastic bag (from your cereal, bread etc) in your bin for soft plastics
  • freeze any food waste that won’t compost in an old ice cream tub and tip it into the big bin on rubbish day e.g. chicken bones and salmon skin etc
  • Worm farms and Bokashai bins. Share your worm tea with your community. Distribute it in used juice or water bottles.
  • Relax with a cuppa. Revisit the delights of loose leaf tea, a tea pot and warmed milk!