The lower legs and reflection of a woman walking along a beach, away from the photographer
Thanks to Steven Ellis for the photo and the memory…

Over the next few weeks we will be travelling around the country to visit cities for potential expos. This is getting super exciting!
The City councils involved are very excited to host the expos so there will be meetings to discuss how best to work together, and venue visits to decide which will work best for the expo.

The site visits locked in so far are Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch & Queenstown. Palmerston North is being planned and there is an information gathering exercise underway in Tauranga.

As soon as we have dates confirmed for each city’s event, we will be announcing them. The plan at the moment is to begin in August/September then have events every few weeks through until April next year.

We will be seeking vendors. Workshops and demonstrations will be a priority, local community groups showcasing and passing on their skills, companies who want the public to know how they can and are improving their waste profile. Food is important so we will need food vendors and at least two coffee carts at each event!

And supporters. We will need supporters. We’re looking for companies who believe as we do that through collaboration we can make our world a better place for future generations to live.