Cherie Ellis – Your Zero Waste Expo Co-Ordinator

I have spent the last few years building my skills as an event and conference organiser on a voluntary basis. In that time I have brought a number of very successful events into NZ, each time from a standing start.

My events so far:

  • Open Source Developers Conference, Auckland 2013
  • Linux Conference, Auckland 2015
  • GovHack NZ, Nationwide consecutive events run in parallel with events in Australia:
    • 7 NZ cities in 2015, 9 NZ cities in 2016, 8 NZ cities in 2017

I been looking for something that I believe in to develop into an event and I feel that this is exactly that project. I am passionate about the environment and I believe in the benefits that this event can have for the community as a whole.

I want to provide a forum for the public to access information on how to take their first step on their Zero Waste journey without being bombarded with salespeople.

You can contact me via email:

Amanda Jackson – Our Social Media and Web Whizz!

Amanda has been an integral part of every event that Cherie has created.

Long before we even met, Amanda was running the Auckland Girl Geek Dinners and Beegle web page umongst others. Amanda’s understanding of all things technical and Social Media has been an absolute lifesaver in the past and her constant smile, laughter and generally up-beat personality makes her a joy to be around.