Zero Waste Expo Aotearoa is an interactive, educational experience with attendees having the opportunity to learn how to reduce their own waste footprint.

This event is aimed at anyone who is concerned about our environment and is uncertain how to get started. We also want to engage people who are already on the journey and want to learn about whatever is happening in their community now. We need to teach the public that they don’t need to be eco-warriors in the first instance – that every step you take is a step towards improving the environment we live in.

Zero Waste Expo Aotearoa will be run as a not for profit business, with the objective that we will ultimately be able to assist other small business in their Zero Waste efforts.

The structure of the Expo will be:

  • Representation from Regional Councils and their Waste Management Units will help the public to understand what happens to their waste, what is already being done to reduce that volume, and how important it is for the public to do their part to reduce that volume
  • Larger corporations will have the opportunity to showcase how they are working towards reducing their waste footprint and to answer the public’s questions face to face
  • Community groups will have the opportunity to show the great work they are already doing and how the public can get involved
  • Local craftspeople will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ideas as well as sell their work. People who have already had success in this area will be invited to run short presentations or workshops showing the public how easy it can be to reduce their waste footprint

This will become a ongoing annual event: educating the public on the latest Zero Waste measures and successes and giving them the opportunity to talk directly with Government and commercial entities with interests within this space.

How you can help now?

Work is currently underway to build contacts within Government, corporations, and community groups who would benefit by involvement with this event. Any assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated. Please put us in touch with the person or persons we should be speaking with in order to progress the plan.